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your cabin looks better too!

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Mattress Fabrics

 Cream Damask  Classic soft cream woven Damask fabric. The actuals pattern will vary but the quality will remain luxuriouse Inlcuded in Price
 Hi-Performance water proof  Waterproof / Anti-bacterial / fire proof - Very tough and hard wareing. Great for young children, or where there is a risk of staining of the mattress. Inlcuded in Price
Specially Shaped Duvets and Covers - Tidy Bedrooms, More Comfort and Easy to Make Beds...... Specially Shaped Duvets and Covers - Tidy Bedrooms, More Comfort and Easy to Make Beds......

Caravan & Motorhome Mattresses

Special Shapes and Sizes for
 Caravans and Motorhomes

Foam mattress
Children are fine with 4”. Adults with larger
hips and shoulders require 5” minimum.

Open Coil Mattress
7” minimum is recommended although
8” is better for larger people will make the
mattress more comfortable and softer as
you will sink in to it more.

Pocket Sprung Mattress
6” is the minimum we recommend where height is an issue.  
7” is better in normal situations while
8” will be more comfortable for larger people and feel softer as you will sink in to it more, gaining the full benefit particularly if you are heavier than average and/or more shapely with larger shoulders and hips.

What Depth?  In general the more shapely the person then the deeper the mattress should be especially if you sleep on your side.

Foam mattress  Kids are fine with 4” deep Adults with larger hips and shoulders require 5” minimum

What Fabric?  The final fabric finish can change the feel of a mattress. Our standard Cream Damask fabric is very much like your mattress finish at home. Specially selected to be soft and hardwearing. The cream colours will not show up through Fitted sheets but will make your new mattress both comfortable and elegant. Fire retardant to Source 5 (CRIB 5).

We also offer an extremely hardwearing alternative cover which is also waterproof, Breathable, tear resistant, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal. It is also hypo-Allergenic and flame retardant to Source 7 (CRIB 7)