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Makes making beds so much easier, and
your cabin looks better too!

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Polycarbonate glasses.

As good as glass but unbreakable.


Stops Condensation

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Improves Comfort

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Home A) If you know the measurements then - Click here and a form will        open for you to give the measurements needed.

 C) Or if you preferred we can arrange to pick up your existing mattresses and use these to make templates? - Please tell us the address to send the transport bag to.



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When to do this

A) Enter the measurements

If the mattress is straight forward with no curves and if edges are vertical

B) Send a template

Do this if there are curves involved. And the sides are virtical (click here to see how easy this is)  OR...

C) We will pick up your existing mattress and make the templates for you and dispose of the old ones!

The simplest way for complex shapes with curves and odd shapes / sides. (or just if you dont fancy making templates) Select this option and we will send you a large transport bag to put your old mattress in. We will then colllect your old mattress and use this to make the three diemensional templates for you!

 B) Send a template - if you select this we can process the order, book your production slot but wait until we receive your template in the post

Bedding & Toppers
Specially Shaped Duvets and Covers - Tidy Bedrooms, More Comfort and Easy to Make Beds...... Specially Shaped Duvets and Covers - Tidy Bedrooms, More Comfort and Easy to Make Beds......